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Banqueting Menu (PDF)

Set away from the bustle of the city, in a beautiful tropical location, the Hollandse Club boasts an array of venues for every type of event. Indoor or outdoor, you will will be spoiled with choice.

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Our events team is trained to tailor-make the best possible options for you. Contact them at:
[email protected] / 6464 5225 (ext: 151)

Please look below for an overview of our various venues:

Main Hall


The Main Hall has a stage supported with state-of-the-art AV facilities, making it the ideal venue for dinner & dances, cocktail receptions and performance based events.

Width: 13.50m Length: 12.00m Area: 162 Sqm Minimum Capacity: 30
Maximum Capacity: 250

Indoor Lounge


Imagine natural sunlight flooding the room whilst you enjoy your intimate lunch with colleagues. Not only does the Indoor Lounge set a great ambiance during the day, but is also an excellent venue to start off your evening. Welcome cocktails, perhaps? This lounge leads out into the Outdoor Lounge (see below), allowing guests to fluctuate between the two.

Width: 8.00m Length: 21.50m Area: 172.00 Sqm Minimum Capacity: 30
Maximum Capacity: 60

Outdoor Lounge


The beauty in the Outdoor Lounge is that it can be played up to host a wedding, but also casual enough host your daughter’s 8th birthday pizza party.

 Width: 14.00m Length: 11.50m Area: 161.00 Sqm Minimum Capacity: 25
Maximum Capacity: 60

Brabant Room


Corporate clients love using the Brabant Room for their weekly meetings and day-long seminars. This is a cozier room that can also host workshops for those interested.

Width: 5.50m Length: 8.80m Area: 48.50 Sqm Minimum Capacity: 10
Maximum Capacity: 40

Tennis Pavilion 

The Tennis Pavilion is an open space that faces the Tennis Courts. It is a more relaxed space allowing for more mobility too.

Width: 7.80m Length: 18.50m Area: 144.00 Sqm Minimum Capacity: 20
Maximum Capacity: 80



There are few things that  are more relaxing than sipping a cocktail by the poolside. Take advantage of this space by starting your gatherings here, and perhaps moving into another on-site venue thereafter.

Minimum Capacity: 80 Maximum Capacity: 300

Chill Out/Teens Room

This venue is perfect for kids birthday parties and events. Graffiti painted walls and a colorfully decorated room makes for a great party scene.

Minimum Capacity: 20 Maximum Capacity: 45