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Frequently Asked Questions


  • I have taken up a Trial/Temporary Membership, can I request for a car decal to park my car at the Club’s parking?

Members holding a trial/temporary Membership are not able to request for a car decal. However they are allowed to park their vehicle at the Club’s car parking. Please present your temporary Membership card upon arrival at the Club.

  • My son turned 21 years old; can he still come inside the Club as a Member?

Children of 21 years and above are no longer considered as part of their parents’ Membership anymore.  However they can apply for a Junior Membership which is $134 per month.

  • As a Member, can I bring in guests? If yes, how many guests can I bring and what is the frequency I can bring them in?

Members may introduce up to 2 adult guests a day to enjoy the sports facilities as long as they are always accompanied by the Member. Guests who are residing in Singapore can only be introduced once a month by any member to enjoy the sports facilities. Guests who are not residing in Singapore may be introduced by any member for up to 14 days per calendar year to use the Club’s sports facilities. There are no restrictions on bringing guests with you to enjoy the F&B facilities.

  • How much is the guest fee? Which Club’s facilities are included?

The Guest Fee is applicable to all guests who will use one or more of the sports facilities, including the swimming pool. The fee is $2.50*(non-peak) and $5.00*(peak). For Tennis Court Bookings (2 hours) the fee is $7*(non-peak) and $10*(peak). For squash the fee is $3* per court per hour. Please note that payment is only by Nets or Credit Card.

Non-peak: Mon-Fridays 7am-6pm | Peak: Mon-Fridays 6pm-10pm / Weekends &PH. *excl. GST.

  • Are non-members allowed to visit the Club?

Non-Members are welcome to visit the Club to enjoy the F&B facilities.

  • Can I vote during an AGM/EGM being a Singaporean Member?

Singaporean Members have the right to vote and may exercise their right to vote provided they are present at the meeting and have signed the attendance list. Notwithstanding the provisions above, Singapore Members may not vote in respect of: Dissolution of the Club, Alteration to the Rules of the Club or any decision on the sale, lease, mortgage and otherwise dealings in respect of the Club’s properties or the land.

  • Can I sell my Lifetime Transferable Membership at any price?

Individual Transferable Members have the right to transfer their Membership to any other person, subject to approval of the Main Committee. The Main Committee has set the minimum selling price to a minimum of 25% of the current selling price of SGD 10,500 (SGD 2,625). If you wish to sell your Individual Transferable Membership kindly contact the Membership Department for more information.

  • Can I sell my Individual Lifetime Membership when on the Absent Member List?

When you are no longer a resident of Singapore your Membership will be terminated. However when you intend to leave Singapore for a period exceeding 6 months you can request to be placed on the Absent Member List. Your Membership may be reinstated upon your return to Singapore within 5 years. If you don’t return to Singapore and don’t reinstate your Membership within these 5 years, you will be removed from the Absent Member List and your Membership may no longer be reactivated. An Individual Lifetime Membership can only be transferred when the Membership is active.

  • I haven’t finished the term of my Ordinary Term Membership yet but I am leaving Singapore. Can I transfer it to my colleague?

It is not possible to transfer an Ordinary Term Membership to any other person.

  • I have a Corporate Membership. Can I apply to be on the Absent Member list?

Nominees of Corporate Members can’t be placed on the Absent Member List.

  • I took up a short term Membership; can I take up another short term Membership?

It is not possible to take-up more than one short term Membership within 6 months.


  • Can I post advertisements at the Club?

In general no form of advertising or promotion is permitted by members on the Club’s premises. However subject to approval by the General Manager, members may place some information with regards to services or goods on the bulletin board or the flyer stands at the Reception and the Gym.

  •  Is there a charge to use the lockers outside the Swimming Pool changing rooms?

The use of lockers is free of charge. Please follow the instructions on the lockers. If you need assistance, please approach the reception.

  • Is my 10 years old son allowed to visit the Club alone?

Children under the age of 11 will only be allowed to enter the Club if accompanied by an adult (guardian).

  • My son is 14 years old, can he use the gym?

Children between 13 and 15 years old are allowed in the gym with parental supervision. They are not allowed to use any heavy weights.

  •  Is my 9 year old child allowed to go inside the Chill Out room?

The Chill-Out room is available to Members and Member’s guests of 11 years old and above. Children of 10 yrs and under are not allowed to enter the Chill Out Room.

  •  Can I use The Chill Out Room for my kid’s birthday party?

The Chill Out room is available for private functions from Sunday to Thursday. Reservations should be made at least 3 working days in advance at the Club’s Reception or the Banqueting Department.

  • Can my children have lunch inside The Chill Out room?

No meals are allowed inside The Chill Out room. Only snacks and drinks are permitted.

  • Are we allowed to bring in Helpers? Can they place orders on our Member’s account?

Domestic Helpers are only allowed at the Club when:

parents are unable to accompany their children to classes at the Club

they are attending specific Helper classes and/or activities

accompanied by Members during special events

Domestic Helpers are allowed to place orders on Member’s accounts with written permission from the Member to the Membership Department. The Club encourages members to apply for a supplement Membership card for their helper. Request Forms can be acquired at the reception. We will charge $15 charge for the supplement card and registration.

  • What is the maximum number of hours I can book the tennis court?

Members are allowed to book a court for a maximum of 2 hours / day.

  • Can we go to the Terrace in our swimming suits?

Swimming suits are only allowed in the swimming pool area and pool changing rooms. Members who wear swimming suits are not allowed to access any other areas of the Club, including the Terrace, Serambi and Tradewinds bars without first changing into appropriate attire.

For more information on the Club’s Rules and Regulations, click on the PDF file below:

Rules & Regulations 2016