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Corporate Transferable Memberships

The CTM is specially designed for companies who aim to add a club Membership in the secondary benefits of their employees. This Membership allows the Company as owner of the CTM, to nominate 3 of their directors or employees to use the Membership as a full member of the Hollandse Club for a certain period of time.

The Nominees

In case the Company would not have any of its employees using the Membership , any other individual (honorary director) can be nominated, as long as this person is in good standing and has no criminal records. The appointment of a non-employee nominee will be subject to approval by the Hollandse Club.

Selling your CTM

The company remains the owner of the Membership and has the right to sell the transferable Membership at any given time on the open market to another company (subject to approval by the HC) like an Individual Transferable Membership .

Advantages of the CTM

  • The CTM will always have a certain value attached (although fluctuating with the market price) and can be treated as an asset to the company on the balance sheet, rather than a cost item which has certain tax advantages for both the Company as well as the nominee.
  • It can always be sold again.
  • Flexibility of nomination.

Additional Privileges & Benefits for Corporate Members

  • 4 x complimentary use of any function room per annum within the Hollandse Club inclusive of coffee & tea.
  • 10% off all banqueting/catering services.
  • One half page advertisement in the Club magazine per year.
  • Hotel room privileged rate (10% off all accommodation charges)

Corporate Transferable Membership fees

Entrance fee for the Hollandse Club CTM is $18,500 (inclusive of 7% GST).
The CTM includes 3 nominations. The re-nomination fee is $3,000.
Monthly subscription fees: Family $211 | Single $134

Find out more

If you feel that this opportunity could suit your organization, we would like to invite you to our Club for a personal tour of our facilities. Our Membership department is reachable at 6464 5225 (ext: 142 or 113). Alternatively you can drop an email to [email protected] or to [email protected].

We look forward to hearing from you.