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Approval of the Main Committee’s proposal for a kindergarten to renovate and operate part of the Club’s premises.



Due to a variety of factors, not least the impact of Covid-19, we find ourselves midway through 2021 in an extremely challenging position.

  • The Club has an outstanding loan of $2.5m that needs to be repaid.

  • We are experiencing higher than usual attrition rates within the membership, primarily due to an increase in repatriations.

  • Our membership acquisition is slowing due to a smaller target market and the safe distancing restrictions imposed on the Club.

  • Additional revenue streams such as the hotel, events, and activities have been negatively impacted by these restrictions.

At the same time, the Club wants to continue making improvements to its facilities and optimize all areas of the Club to the benefit of the membership.

  • Our ground-floor hotel rooms contribute minimal revenue and are in dire need of renovation.

  • The 2-story staff block, situated at the end of the instruction pool, is also in a state of disrepair and is a non-revenue-generating space.



  • Complements our Club demographic and position in the market as a family-friendly Club (we have 360+ children aged 0-6 years).

  • Provides long-term financial stability with revenue estimated at c.$2m over 10 years.

  • Provides a new source of members during a challenging period, which will renew with each annual intake.

  • Provides much-needed CAPEX investment (est $400K) by a third party, into tired and unused Club facilities.

  • Minimal impact on members current enjoyment of the Club;

    • Located in a quiet area of the Club.

    • Self-contained campus with soundproofed classrooms.

    • Separate entry/exit gate and dedicated drop-off zone.

    • Operating hours are midweek (Monday - Friday).

  • Adds value for existing members looking for kindergarten facilities;

    • Members receive discounted fees.

    • Members will be given waitlist priority.

  • Improves overall Club offering;

    • Work-Play-Childcare-Lifestyle.

    • Serves as a point of difference to competitors



The decision was made to appoint House on the Hill as the preferred partner, following a lengthy process:

  • A contractor was selected to do a feasibility study of the proposal and present the findings to the Main Committee.

  • A Statement of Intent was sent out to 31 local and international kindergartens.

  • Request for Proposals was sent to 5 who expressed an interest.

  • 3 were invited to make presentations to the Main Committee.

  • 2 were selected for final consideration.

  • House on the Hill was selected by the Main Committee on 15 June 2021.



  • Shared Demographics & Values

    • A strong expatriate base with an appeal to the local Singaporean market.

    • Warm, friendly environment – take play seriously.

    • Willing to commit to a long-term partnership.

  • Financially Stable With A Strong Track Record

    • 10 years in Singapore with strong brand recognition.

    • 3 successful schools already in operation.

    • Financially sound with high enrollment rates (77%) despite Covid-19.

    • Zero net debt with cash available for expansion.

    • Experienced at converting premises into fully functioning, ECDA licensed kindergartens.

  • High-Quality Operator

    • Well-designed classrooms utilizing natural wooden materials sourced from a Dutch company.

    • High calibre kindergarten staff ready to start.

    • Responsive and engaged Management Team.

    • Healthy, nutritionist-led menu options.

    • Popular Montessori curriculum with a focus on Mandarin.



As a valued member of the Club, we are committed to ensuring you have the best possible experience when visiting. 

To this end, we have tried to anticipate the potential issues that may arise and put in place measures to mitigate them. For example;

  • A dedicated area for kindergarten arrivals/departures (not using the main entrance).

  • A dedicated outdoor playground at the rear of the Club to reduce any noise. 

  • No children will be allowed into the Club outside school hours unless they are members and accompanied by an adult.

  • A new pedestrian walkway will be created to improve access to both the Club and kindergarten.

  • For those with kindergarten-aged children, it will offer a convenient and attractive lifestyle option.

  • It will enhance the existing Club facilities and provide the Club with an improved cash flow to keep investing in the Club.