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NEW FOR 2022!

We are proud to partner with Niko Soe for our Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Programme.



Our Kids MMA programme focuses on the holistic development of your child by exploring the foundational disciplines of Mixed Martial Arts, namely Muay Thai, Boxing, Grappling/Jiu-Jitsu, and Wrestling. Through the training sessions, students can expect to improve their fitness levels, psychomotor skills, and technical skills to bully-proof themselves, while picking up important life skills and social values (such as discipline, respect, confidence, resilience, and problem-solving skills) for character building.


All sessions are planned to cater to the different age groups so that everyone can enjoy learning MMA in a fun, safe, and controlled environment under the watchful eyes of experienced coaches.


A trendy sport for the modern-day combat sport enthusiast, students can expect to learn techniques from various martial arts disciplines ranging from the stand-up striking aspects (Muay Thai/Boxing) to the ground fighting elements (Wrestling/Grappling). MMA best prepares your body and mind to handle unexpected external threats, training yourself to stay calm and react accordingly when faced with physical pressures.


Our programme is structured to appeal to students of all interest and fitness levels. Students can expect a productive training session complete with full body workouts while picking up useful technical skills at the same time.



Term dates: 21 Aug - 30 Oct (11 weeks)

- Fees inclusive of GST
- A minimum of 6 students per class is required to start each term
- Fees will be prorated if you join after term commencement
- Fees will be charged monthly depending on the number of weeks in a month regardless of attendance unless medical certificate is produced

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