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General Play

  • Players remain at least 2m from one another and have no physical contact (such as a post-match handshake)  

  • Players go around opposite sides of the net at changeovers  

  • Players use separate sets of balls (and mark them clearly prior to play)

  • Players should not share equipment (rackets, towels, water bottles, etc); players to bring own water bottles

  • Matches should be played without spectators 

  • Play and leave the tennis courts (i.e. arrive on time, and don’t hang around to socialise) 

  • Benches – please adhere to the safe distancing rule of 2m – we will move the benches around so that 4 people can sit down, safely, at one time.  

Individual Coaching Guidelines

  • The tennis balls will be collected through tubes (allocated to players or coaches). Scott and his team will wipe these down after use. 


Social Tennis

  • Allocate groups of 4 to a court – these groups must not mix with other groups when playing, or afterwards. 

  • Each group plays together and leaves together (no mixing between groups)

  • Masks to be worn when not playing – even if playing if possible

  • If people aren’t playing for any reason, then they are to stay at the restaurant in their groups of 4. We are not to be ‘socialising’ at this time.

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