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Looking for a place for the family to relax and engage in a wide range of sports and activities over the summer?

If so, our limited edition short-term membership is the perfect solution.

Full access to all facilities, lessons, classes and holiday camps with no joining fee or long-term commitment!


  • 2 or 3 month option

  • Family: 2 months @ $450/month + $225 for 3rd month

  • Single: 2 months @ $240/month + $120 for 3rd month

  • No joining fee

  • No deposit

  • Membership fees to be paid up-front

  • All payments at the Club to be settled immediately (no club account)

  • Admin fee $150

We aim to foster a community of likeminded individuals that want to be part of a relaxed, family centric club with play and fun at the heart of everything we do. Our members value being part of a diverse, International community who love to celebrate family time whilst discovering new sporting and relaxation experiences. With over 1500 International members and growing each month, we offer 3 distinct packages:


  • No Joining Fee

  • Monthly Fees: (F) SGD 329 | (S) SGD 174

  • Refundable Deposit: (F) SGD 1000 | (S) SGD 700

  • Admin Fee: SGD 150

This entry-level membership is ideal if you are not sure how long you will be staying in Singapore.


  • *Joining Fee: SGD 10,500

  • Monthly Fees: (F) SGD 211 | (S) SGD 134

  • Refundable Deposit: (F) SGD 1000 | (S) SGD 700 

  • Admin Fee: SGD 150

This is an ideal option if you will be staying for a longer period (2+) years in Singapore.


  • Joining Fee: SGD 18,500

  • Monthly Fees: (F) SGD 211 | (S) SGD 134

  • Refundable Deposit: (F) SGD 1000 | (S) SGD 700

  • Admin Fee: SGD 150

Companies wanting to expand and enhance their employee benefit options can select this option.


  • No Joining Fee

  • Yearly Fees: (F) SGD 211 | (S) SGD 134

  • Refundable Deposit: (F) SGD 1000 | (S) SGD 700

  • No Admin Fee

This option is available to Ordinary (Lifetime) members who are expatriating from Singapore and wish to retain their membership.

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