aquaDucks is the Hollandse Club’s swimming provider. Since 1989, more than 10,000 children have learned how to swim at the Hollandse Club with us! Meet the aquaDucks team.

aquaDucks offers swimming classes for adults and children of all ages and abilities in the Hollandse Club’s 2 pools. Using the best teaching techniques from all over the world, combined with extremely passionate coaches, we deliver a world-class swimming programme.

aquaDucks’ mission is to instil confidence and enhance water-safety knowledge. Safety comes first and progression is made at the student’s pace, plus our coaches always ensure our swimmers are having fun in the water.


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In this parent-accompanied programme, your child will discover the joys of swimming through play and songs. Including submersion and personal skills, the aim of this program is for your child to feel happy and safe in the water.

Weekday| $130 per month

(2nd lesson on a weekday $40 per month)

Weekend | $150 per month (2nd lesson on a weekday $40 per month)



In our Pre-school programme, your child will learn the basic strokes as well as lifesaving and breathing techniques, whilst having lots of fun as they learn through play and songs.

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Weekday| $130 per month

(2nd lesson on a weekday $40 per month)

Weekend | $150 per month (2nd lesson on a weekday $40 per month)



From the age of 5, your child can join our Learn to Swim programme. They will master all four strokes, basic lifesaving and learn how to dive. We focus on the form of the strokes and breathing technique to develop strong swimmers. This programme also includes swimming awards.

Weekday| $130 per month

(2nd lesson on a weekday $40 per month)

Weekend | $150 per month (2nd lesson on a weekday $40 per month)



The Stroke & Development programme is for children who finished the Learn to Swim or ABC programme and who want to further improve their stroke techniques.

Divided into 3 levels, the programme focuses on fine-tuning stroke techniques accompanied with competition drills, personal survival and lifesaving skills.

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Twice a week

$140 per month


Op de Hollandse Club in Singapore wordt Nederlandse zwemles gegeven door Engels of Nederlands sprekende instructeurs. Tijdens de zwemles leren de kinderen stap voor stap alle vaardigheden die vereist zijn voor het A, B of C Diploma.

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Weekday| $130 per month

(2nd lesson on a weekday $40 per month)

Weekend | $150 per month (2nd lesson on a weekday $40 per month)


Swim faster, turn tighter and maybe even compete as part of the Dutch Dolphins in national and international swim races! Coaches focus on stroke correction, duration, starts, turns and further developing swim techniques.

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Weekly lessons focus on techniques for beginners to advanced players. Divided into 3 age groups, beginners play in friendly matches and the advanced teams compete in tournaments across Singapore.


Brush up on your stroke, improve your fitness and have fun at our half-day swim camps.

Swim Camp (ages 5 - 8)

Tue - Thu | 30 Mar - 1 Apr

Tue - Fri | 6 - 9 Apr

9.00am – 12.00pm

Children must be able to swim 25m without a float.

Camp includes 2 hours of swimming and a snack break.

Swim / Gym Camp (ages 9 - 14)

Tue - Thu | 30 Mar - 1 Apr

Tue - Fri | 6 - 9 Apr

9.00am – 12.00pm

Swimming coaches will focus on starts, turns and stroke development.
Fitness coaches will focus on indoor and outdoor fitness activities.

Camp includes 1 hour of swimming, 1 hour of fitness and a snack break.


Our Adult Learn to Swim Programme is for beginners looking to acquire basic swimming skills or competent swimmers looking to improve their stroke techniques and personal best. Our team of international and qualified coaches will work with you to achieve your personal goals.

In our Domestic Helper programme, we focus on personal water safety and responsible supervision of children in an aquatic environment as well as rescue techniques in an emergency situation. This programme is conducted by our highly qualified female instructors from the Philippines – fluent in Tagalog.

Thu & Fri | 11am - 12pm



Did you know that 90% of triathletes competitors count the swimming leg of the race as their weakest? Our Adult Swim Training programme is designed to help you ace the swimming leg of your triathlon, or any swim competition for that matter.

Mon | 8pm - 9pm


Burn calories and beat the heat! One 45-minute lesson of Aqua Fit burns 350-400 calories. Aqua Fit builds cardio, strength and resistance while being easy on the joints – not to mention it takes place in a cool and relaxing environment.

Tue | 8am - 9am

Tue | 9.15am - 10.15am


Struggling with your freestyle breathing? Can’t master your butterfly kick? Consider a private swimming lesson with one of our qualified coaches. Suitable for both adults and kids alike. Email us at hollandse@aquaducks.com.sg


Join the aqua fitness revolution and get on your bike! Aqua-bike is the new trend taking the fitness world by storm. Aqua-bike is great way to get fit, burn calories and enhance flexibility, whilst keeping cool in the swimming pool. Jump on your bike and join us for this new class, coming to the Hollandse Club from March 2021.


With cups and contests throughout the year, weekly Splash Fridays and Sundays at the Club, there’s always an opportunity for you to show off your awesome swimming skills, have loads of fun and maybe even win prizes!


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Meet the awesome team of coaches who will guide you in your swimming journey – ensuring a fun and safe experience is had by all.

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