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The Hollandse Club is proud to announce its commitment to sustainability,

a journey that commenced in 2023. A dedicated Sustainability Committee, comprised of eight members, was formed in May and has been regularly meeting to chart the Club's path towards environmental responsibility.


Six key objectives have been identified as priorities for the coming years.​

  1. Waste Management

  2. Energy Consumption

  3. Facilities/Buildings

  4. Food and Beverage

  5. Education

  6. Recycle & Reuse

The Hollandse Club is proud to already purchase REG renewable

energy, a significant step towards carbon neutrality.


Additionally, the implementation of towel machines has proven a successful sustainability initiative. Prior to this initiative, approximately 100 towels

per month found new homes beyond the Club. This number has dropped

by 90% since the installation of the towel machines.


Our next endeavour will be instituting regular “bring your own towel days”. However, in the interim we urge members to limit their towel usage to one per person, contributing to the Club's sustainable trajectory. Join us in securing the Club's sustainable future by doing your part!


For World Earth Day in April 2023, children participated in a junk modelling competition, turning everyday items such as plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, and paper towel rolls into amazing pieces of art.  Every participant received a well-deserved prize, with a grand prize for the winner.  


Look forward to more of such activities and informative talks throughout 2024!

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