Peduli Anak is still in a semi-lockdown. This means some children are allowed to take part in activities outside the Peduli Anak campus, such as participating in competitions and attend school, in line with safe distancing protocols. Despite the pandemic, Peduli Anak continues to welcome children who need shelter, protection, and education. The Foundation also continues to help seriously ill children from impoverished families, many of whom need surgery. As they live in remote areas of Lombok, housing and accommodation is provided at Peduli Anak, so they can recover close to the hospital. 

In these challenging times, it is key to keep the children busy. The playground, toys and sports have all had a positive impact on their physical and mental health. The Foundation has also received new sports equipment such as badminton rackets, ping-pong tables, soccer balls, and basketballs, which were welcomed with open arms. The older children love to play ping-pong and are getting good at it! Badminton has also become a hit, especially amongst younger children. Additionally, the newly constructed basketball court is a welcomed addition to the futsal court and swimming pool. All of this would not have been possible without your support and generosity. Every donation is greatly appreciated and has contributed to the welfare of the children at Peduli Anak Foundation.




There are trying times across the globe. A virus noone saw coming has disrupted many lives with uncertainty looming large. 


At the same time, something beautiful has unfolded over the past years at our chosen charity, the Peduli Anak Foundation, which supports underprivileged children in Lombok by providing homes and schooing for orphans and children who stay too far away from the school.. 


Co-founder, Chaim Fetter, reports.


At Peduli Anak, we are so blessed and grateful to have the Hollandse Club by our side as we have risen beyond the damage of the earthquakes.  The children never lost their spark of light, their warm smiles and their loving kindness. It is because of your support, your kindness and your care that we have been able to rebuild new and better homes for our children. They now have a place they can feel safe and secure as the homes are built to resist future earthquakes.


As you can see from the photos and their smiles, their heartfelt appreciation is evident. All of this would not have been possible without your support and generosity.


With your support, Peduli Anak will continue to build safe havens for our children and provide them with safe spaces to grow into full, autonomous individuals. 


These trying times shall pass. And at Peduli Anak we will always remember and appreciate the profound impact you have on our children.


Thank you for supporting our vision to create a better life for children who have been forgotten by society, but never by you.




All children have now left their temporary housing (the classrooms) and moved into their 8 new homes! Plus the other 6 homes, new office, the clinic, and volunteer rooms are also almost finished. Numerous joyous days and we are so very grateful to everyone who has made this all possible. The children hope to be able to pay it all forward one day. Inside the children's home, we have this beautiful furniture from IKEA. Children have their own private locker so no more stuff lying around on the ground! We are also forever grateful for IKEA who visited a couple of times to help put together all their donated bunk beds. We also received dining tables, cupboards and chairs for all the new homes at a discount, free shipping, and free assembly. The assembly team from IKEA also received some helping hands from our boys who were thrilled to assemble almost 250 chairs. It's like playing adult legos! The purchase of all the furniture was also made possible by our very loyal sponsors BAM Decorient Indonesia, Van Oord, Van der Poel Sharity Fund and other kind individuals. Very shortly all the buildings will be in tip-top shape with the 2,500 liters of donated Dulux paint which we will use for all the children's homes. And the 500 liters of donated Jotun paint going towards all the school buildings. These Middle School students can't wait to occupy the new Shri Shastry Middle School building in the next semester! The new building will also feature a new science lab, a computer lab, and a library. Our buildings are now installed and secured with professional SIMU and Salto Systems locks and door hardware. Salto team came over to install locks and introduced us to the new technology.

The latest aerial view of the Peduli Anak rebuilding efforts. All buildings have a roof now and you can see there’s still a lot of exterior and landscaping work to do, not to mention finishing touches and interior work in the school building and houses.


The middle school building is almost done with some finishing touches to go. ING Singapore, ING Indonesia and Vena Energy visited us and donated materials for the library, 10 school desks, helped with painting the classrooms, planting the organic garden and also cooked for us! However, we still need many more schooldesks to be able to host all our middle school students! We are also fundraising for equipment for our new science lab. Please let us know if you would like to contribute or can introduce us to a company who could help us out.




After the Lombok earthquake destroyed their orphanage and school last year, the Foundation have completed the construction of 4 new communal houses. Although it took longer than expected due to some obstacles, the Foundation were delighted that they could now house 40 children. By the end of October, the Foundation hope to be finished with the construction of all 14 homes and welcome the rest of the children who are currently on the waiting list.




Rebuilding work continues at Peduli Anak where five of the seven new homes have had their foundations completed, bringing the children one step closer to having permanent housing. Elsewhere, the new kitchen is ready and work is about to start on the adjacent canteen which will be able to seat up to 100 children.

Amidst all the rebuilding the Foundation recently welcomed 8 new children from Child Social Services. A 6-year-old girl, two brothers ages 6 and 10, a 14-year-old boy and 4 young children all from the same family. Thanks to the Foundation and all their supporters these children now have a safe place to live, learn and play.


The Foundation also made a significant announcement last week in that they will be building their own middle-school. This will allow all their children to continue their education at Peduli Anak right through their teenage years. The new middle-school is scheduled to open for the new school year in August and will include facilities such as a library, computer room and science lab.